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Brian Ahern's Patented Method 11.28.2011

Added Date: Nov 28, 2011 | Category: Hacked By S1MP4R | Viewed: (4010) times

I've read most of it.  It's a very knowledge-full patent.  According to the patent it may be relatively easy to make your first home LENR generator.  You don't actually need anything exotic such as hydrogen gas.  It may be easy enough to use some metal such as Nickel, water, and an electrode along with an ultrasonic transducer.  It is very user friendly.  Ahern claims that cavitation of bubbles is enough to get the energetic reactions and that the secret is in the particle size.

Ahern basically explains why different things are needed and what they do.  A must read.  I would appreciate other users chiming in with their thoughts.  I think that several replication attempts can be made just off of this patent alone.

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