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Buy your 10KW ECAT Now? 11.22.2011

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Home 10kW Units?


home ecat

Go to ecat.com and on the right there should be a drop down menu for INTEREST. 

Select “Buying” and then go through the self explanatory options to select a 10kW home unit.   Signing up is easy, no money required at this point and there is no commitment, it’s a waiting list. (Warning older browsers don’t have the Contact button at the bottom and only the newsletter option is activated, so upgrade your browser.)

Andrea Rossi has stated that if he gets 10,000 orders (at 4,000 Euro or $5400 dollars as of 11.22.2011) that he will execute the orders.

Obviously order at your own risk, but tough to understand how this is a scam, especially if you pay with credit card.  Credit card companies usually do the fighting for you if there is any kind of guarantee.

For those who are new to the Ecats, this unit is most likely going to be to replace your home water heater because that is the easiest application.  Andrea Rossi would be certifying it for use legally in the U.S. as a Low Energy Nuclear Reactor so it should be safe.  It’s nuclear yes, but did you know that so is your smoke detector?  This allegedly emits no more radiation than your smoke detector.  It is not a fission reactor like Fukushima, or Chernobyl, it is not going to ever have a harmful meltdown.  Actually the physics behind it are not even understood so saying that relies mostly on the history of LENR and the word of the seller.  However, the Ecat uses Nickel and Hydrogen and some secret chemical.  There is no Uranium or Plutonium or any of those nasty things (unlike in your smoke detector which does contain radioactive elements.)  It is a controversial subject as to why YOU haven’t heard about this until now,  but this article is not about that.  We encourage you to investigate this website and it’s friends links to find out all about it.  It’s a fun ride.

This unit, if it is for hot water heating, will be paid for in the amount of time it takes you to pay ~ $5400 U.S. in hot water heating because the lifetime and cost to refuel is lower than anything you’ve ever seen.  At first rough estimates say 1 cent per kWh (compare to gas at 6 cents and electric at 60 cents per kWh), but as prices drop for refueling every (6 months or so) it will continue to drop way below that.

Let us know if you order and how many.  Check out our friend sites for more info.

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