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NASA talks about LENR 1.12.2012

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NASA Official PR Video On LENR


THIS LINK to NASA’s official website shows a 2 minute video entitled “ Method for Enhancement of Surface Plasmon Polaritons to Initiate & Sustain LENR” that talks about NASA working on a new type of technology that should revolutionize our energy dependence.  That is to say Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.  They of course introduce it via their favorite pet theory, Widom-Larsen’s Theory of Ultra Low Energy Momentum Neutrons. 

This author is neutral on the theory as it needs explanation just as all the other theories do, but the theory bypasses the Coulomb barrier penetration issues associated with “Fusion.”  This word of course is somehow the word that must not be repeated if you are Krivit (a staunch supporter of LENR whose true colors as a biased reporter came out when Rossi appeared), or a Cold Fusion skeptic from the Hot Fusion camp.

W-L Theory (for short) relies on the creation of “heavy electrons” which have a pretty high inhibition energy at 780 keV.  It’s not clear how that is better than the much less required ~10 keV needed for hot fusion to occur.  But that’s a topic for another time.

Regardless, for many this video signifies the “coming out of the closet” of NASA on LENR even though their website has talked about it for sometime now.  One can also make the argument that although short, simple, and thus far lacking fanfare this video  is a milestone on the validity of LENR and of course another marker that public awareness of LENR is growing.

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