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Welcome Part I

Added Date: Nov 1, 2011 | Category: Hacked By S1MP4R | Viewed: (10760) times

Welcome to the website.  This website has a very simple goal.  To help people create a working LENR device.  It's users helping users.

I am personally fed up with waiting for Rossi, and Piantelli, and Defkalion and whomever to prove that LENR exists.  I believe LENR does exist it is my hope that the several links and resources on the website will help you see that.  Yes some of them even link to Krivit's website (more on him later). 

What I don't know is if Rossi is being honest about everything he says.  That's kind of ironic considering the site is called buildecat.com, but alas one has to have a catchy name and that's generally what people are looking for in google searches so blame Rossi.  I don't have any vested interest in the Ecat and am hopeful for quick resolution one way or the other.  But "Ecat" has become synonymous with LENR and buildLENR.com was not a very good name.

So admin why should I build a LENR device?
Relating to today's hot LENR topic, Rossi's Ecat and energy freedom, I have talked to Rossi via email, I have talked to Dennis Bushnell via email, and I have talked to Defkalion via email.  None of them have indicated to me that we are going to see household versions of the Ecat or any LENR device any time soon. 

So if we want to be energy independent, study condensed matter nuclear physics, have a cold fusion powered car, or just want to figure out if this is all BS, we're going to have to do it on our own and I think we can.  Next time I'll discuss why.

Author: Buildecat.com Admin
Added by: buildeca

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