• NASA comes out of the LENR closet officially?  Seems so.  LINK
  • Come, join us in trying to build a LENR system.  Email me - Admin@buildecat.com to join
  • Industrial Heat (Rossi), Defkalion, Black Light Power, Anthanor, or NASA who's going to make the BIG announcement first?
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Heat exchanger Heat exchanger radiator fan cooled radiator fan cooled
oil pump Glove box Glove box Glove box
Glove box Thermocouple thermocouple small oil pump
small oil pump small oil pump nickel powder nickel powder
24 gauge wire RFG RFG analog-rf-signal-generator
pulse generator RFG RFG RFG
Hot-Runner-Heater Hot-Runner-Heater- Digital Thermostat Digital Thermostat
Temperature Control Temperature Control Temperature Control Copper tube
1/4 Copper tube Coil heater Coil heater